Hand Spun Angora Creations for Sale
Infant Angora baby cap and bootie set.....$48                                                                   Infant Angora cap and bootie set $48

Child's Angora snowman mittens $35                                                           Infant's Angora hooded jacket & booties  $65

Child's handspun/handknitted Angora and Targee wool, Aran Isle patterned Pullover  Size 6-8  $135
Sparkling snowflake design in handspun, handknitted 100% Angora with Mohair trim/felted Angora brim $125
Handspun/Handknit 100% Angora hat with eyelash trim $125
Bright Red Fluffy Angora                                                                                           Softly Felted Angora Hat -
Hat with Crocheted &                                                                                                   red/green/silver Beaded/
Beaded Hatband - $75                                                                                                 Crocheted Band - $75    
 Ladie's wool hat & mitts  $70                                                                        Alpaca ski hat and matching mittens, (fingers free) $87
Ladie's Angora & Alpaca Tam & Mitten set  $120                                     Pure Angora handspun, hand knitted & felted Ladies cap $65
  Burgundy wool tam with white/pink angora trim......Original design....................................(side view).....$65
  Ladie's Angora & Alpaca Tam  $65

Ladie's  Heavy Angora Tam $85                                                                                   Ladie's all wool Tam  $55
Angora Tam-$65                                                                                                                 Ladie's Angora and Wool Tam-$65

Angora/Wool Mittens=-$65                                                                                            All Wool Mittens-$65

Angora/Wool Mittens=$65                                                                          Angora/Wool Bunny Mittens=$65
Angora/Wool....Mittens=$65                                                                                           Very heavy all wool mittens=$65